3 Offers: a Gift Certificate, Free Shipping,  and a Free Tree

3 Offers: a Gift Certificate, Free Shipping, and a Free Tree

Free $5 Gift Certificates for Trees!

Every year we try to do something to foster a Freebie for Arbor Day. For National Arbor Day 2013, we made available 3 Special Offers... Get a Free $10 Gift Certificate, Free Shipping, or a Free Tree.

Always available... a different Free Gift Certificate! Get this -

Free $5 Gift Certificate

Just go to Our webpage (http://www.cdr3.com/free) at...Free Gift Certificate!

Here's the deal...

Free $10 Gift Certificate for Trees

Free $10 Gift Certificate,

A Free Tree, or

Free Shipping

Here's how this offer works... Just place an order using Any of our order forms (or mailed-in), and in the Comments Box or Notes Section, add the Special Code: (Free $10 GC/2013, Free Tree/2013, or ,Free Ship/2013). As we are packing your order, we will add the gift certificate, the free tree, or take off the shipping cost. Mail-in request works also!

Freebie Rules: Place an order (of of $25 or more), include a valid payment, add shipping according to the rate schedule, and use the Special Code mentioned above for one (1) of these three giveaways... The order sub-total (before shipping or discounts) must be $25 or more. Shipping is then added, less any discounts. One Arborday Offer per order, BUT multiple orders can be placed (consider three orders with one freebie each). These offers (if chosen) will be honored if and only if the Special Code (above) is mentioned and included with the order (not used in lieu of payment on the initial order). Online orders must include the Special Code, and mail-in orders must mention the Special Code. These offers are Not to be combined with other coupons or speeical promotions. We retain all rights during this promotion. Should you have any questions, do ask...

Privacy Note: Private and secure... When you email us, or use any of our forms, All of your information is held strictly confidential! We will not sell your information to others, and no one will ever see any information you provide us. We are PCi Compliant! We may send you a promotional letter at some point, we hope that is Ok... but outside of that, we won't SPAM you. We greatly respect your privacy. By requesting thes above offers, you are in agreement with the terms and conditions stated in our Shipping policies (http://www.cdr3.com/shipping).

Time to order... time to plant! Too late to plant? Plan for Fall or next Spring with a Booked order!

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For the Order Forms (and Prices), ...Ordering

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