Quaking Aspens - The White Trunked Tree for Home and Garden!

Quaking Aspens - The White Trunked Tree for Home and Garden!

Quaking Aspen Nursery Trees for Home and Garden Landscaping Plant projects

The Beauty of Quaking Aspen trees in the Fall is a tough one to beat...

What can be more beautiful in the fall than Quaking Aspen trees? Aspen tree seedlings can be available to you no matter where you live. The Aspen tree will grow in a wide variety of climates and conditions, but they do like full sun and plenty of water. The Quaking Aspen is the most widely spread broadleaf tree in North America, and is found from the frigid Arctic Circle, across Canada, and as far south as the Sierra Madre in Mexico. These are one of the most popular trees planted for home and garden landscaping.

There are two species of Aspen native to the United States... the very popular and familiar "Quaking", and also the "Big-Tooth Aspen". The Quaking Aspen is the more common, and planted nearly nationwide. The Big-Tooth, is native to the northeastern states, from Minnesota to Maine, and south as far as northern Kentucky. This aspen has "teeth" or large serrations on the leaf margins (whereas the Quaking has very fine serrations). Larger leaves, and dark gray to brownish bark as it matures, the Big-Tooth is not that common in the marketplace.

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Quaking Aspen Nursery Trees for Home and Garden Landscaping Plant
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Quaking Aspen trees grow fast, and the white trunks will be noticeable at an early age. Because Aspen seedlings grow quickly, we call them a fast-growing tree. For continued strong growth, do give them some fertilizer now and then. Plant Aspens in an area where they will get plenty of sun and water, but also away from any domestic water sources, like the sewer lines. The Aspen tree roots will locate those water sources. Quaking Aspens prefer full sun, but partial shading is tolerable. Plant these trees in clumps, or along a driveway or fence line for a striking visual effect. Very hardy and can be planted from Zone 2 to Zone 8, (and maybe Zone 9 with partial shading).

Quaking Aspen Nursery Trees for Home and Garden Landscaping Plant projectsQuaking Aspen Nursery Trees for Home and Garden Landscaping Plant
projectsQuaking Aspen
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Quaking Aspen Nursery Trees for Home and Garden Landscaping Plant projects

Plant the Quaking Aspen in clumps, or along fence lines and driveways, or plant them as single specimens. They like plenty of water and full sun,
which makes for growth rates of four to six feet, or more feet a year! Yes, they can be very fast growing, and hardy from the coldest zones, and plantable in the southern states. Growth rates and planting conditions do vary, but give them full sun, water, and some fertilizer... then watch.

How to Plant: Like most trees and shrubs, the planting is actually very easy. We have Planting Instructions noted on the Nursery and other webpages, but basically open a space in the ground, allow the roots be spread out, then refill with the soil. Unless your soil conditions are harsh, then you don't have anything. If your soil is very rocky or very sandy, or other problems, then mix in compost or other organic materials. Just mix, then plant, and keep watered... no big secret with planting. For containers, place the tree roots in, and refill with the mix. Use bagged soil mix or native soil. You can mix the two together for a nice balance as well. Most trees and plants are forgiving, so follow the basics...

Plant them in a tight clump, or at spacing as far apart as eight or ten feet. Many people like the "clump of 3", but larger thickets and single plantings can work equally well.

How to grow these. Simply stated, these grow best in moist well-drained fertile soils with full sun. Most soils can be alright, but plenty of water and some added fertilizer will improve their growth and survival. If your soils are rocky, heavy clay, or very sandy, then add compost or other materials mixed into the planting spot. Planting instructions are included with each order, or can be read on the Nursery webpage.

Easily shipped with excellent planting success, even during the growing season. They are held in cold storage, dormant and fresh until we pack the orders, so they ship well. Just ask if you have a question about shipping and planting, we want you to be happy with your trees, and we're always glad to answer even the most simple questions.

The size of the trees averages 18+ inches. They vary from 18-26 inches size, with a nice caliper and root system. Like the last couple of years, we have larger trees available. The larger trees, what we call "Talls" averages 30+ inches. Tall-size vs. Regular-size? The difference between the regular and tall size is age. The Talls are older, more hefty, with a basal caliper of 1/2 inch or more, and has a better developed root system. Fast
growing nursery trees and plants for home garden landscaping, privacy screens, windbreaks, and more.

The Regular size is just $6.95 each... but in a few short months, that little tree will get large! Our trees are nice quality, and they can be planted during most of the year (as long as they are in-stock). You can always "book an order" with the plan for a later ship date. In fact, many of our sales come from booked orders the previous summer and fall. We hold the trees dormant and fresh in cold storage, so they ship in great condition. The Quaking Aspen typically sells out by mid-Spring, so you might consider ordering early. We often start shipping to the southern/warmer states as early as January, and the colder/northern states moreso in April or later (weather-pending).

Get the Book!

We have an easy-to-read book about these trees. Included is: Planting Instructions, botanical information, tips on fertilizing, pruning and more. For $2.99, it is well worth having.

Go to: Amazon, take the Kindle eBooks links, and do a search for:

"Simple How-to Plant and Grow Quaking Aspen Trees"

By: William A. Jack


Happy planting!

Generally, the Aspens ship best from October through early Spring. Best shipped when dormant, and outside of this time period, they can be iffy... Take delivery early! Temporarily plant the trees in pots (or clumped together) and hold them in the garage or other protected area until 'your' conditions are ready to plant. This way, the trees arrive dormant and are held in dormancy pending your climate warming up. Then they are better acclaimated and immediately available! Think about it... plan on it. Any questions, do ask us...

Aspens ship from Mid-January 2013 until early-April... Limited Supply... Limited Shipping Window... Book Your Order Now

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