Conifer Trees - Cedar, Cypress

Conifer Trees - Cedar, Cypress

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Very limited on the Conifers this season...

Douglas-Fir - Fastest growing of the "firs", the Doug will grow up to 80 feet tall. Good as a specimens, very popular as Christmas trees, or plant these as windbreaks or privacy screens. This one is the interior mountain species, more hardy of colder climates than the coastal type. These are small but hefty older trees.

Zones: 4 to 8
Soils: Moist to Well-Drained
Moisture: Moderate to Plenty
Sun: Full Shade to Full Sun
Uses: Screens, Windbreaks, Ornamental, Bonsai, Christmas Tree


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Bald Cypress- They don't have to be in a swamp, the bald likes wet sites, but does well in most conditions., or plant them as specimens, lines, even in containers such as for bonsai. Ships as 1 to 2 foot trees.

Zones: 5 to 10
Soils: Wet, Poorly Drained
Moisture: High
Sun: Full Sun
Uses: Specimen, Containers, Ornamental, Bonsai

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