eBooks and Other Items

eBooks and Other Items

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We have a growing number of easy-to-read books for some of our trees, plus other related subjects. Want Planting Instructions? Also, more information about the tree(s), tips on fertilizing, mulch, pests, etc., and just $2.99 on Amazon. Available in eBook or Print.

We can not sell them here... but simply go to Amazon, take the links to the Kindle Books, and do a search for them. On Amazon, do a Search using the Title, or Author's Name, or the ASIN number. We are adding new titles as fast as we can. Consider reading these...

"Easy How-to Plant and Grow the Ameri-Willow Tree"

By: William A. Jack


"Simple How-to Plant and Grow Quaking Aspen Trees"

By: William A. Jack


"Easy How-to Plant and Grow the European White Birch Tree"

By: William A. Jack ASIN: B07H42BJBV.

"Simple How-to Plant and Grow Horsechestnut, Red Buckeye, and Ohio Buckeye Trees"

By: William A. Jack


"Compost 101: Simple How-to Make and Recycle Your Organic Wastes"

By: William A. Jack


"How-to Plant and Grow the Paw Paw Tree"

By: William A. Jack


"How-to Plant and Grow Mulberry Trees"

By: William A. Jack

ASIN: B07GC7331Q.

"How-to Plant and Grow the Black Aronia Berry"

By: William A. Jack


"Easy How-to Plant and Grow Blueberries"

By: William A. Jack


"Easy How-to Plant and Grow Colorado Blue Spruce Trees"

By: William A. Jack


"The Empire of Trees: The ListBot of Articles of Trees"

By: William A. Jack


"The Empire of Seeds: The ListBot of Articles of Seeds"

By: William A. Jack


"Simple How to Grow and Plant Blackberries"

By: William A. Jack


"Easy How to Grow Trees for Privacy Screens and Windbreaks"

By: William A. Jack


"How to Grow the Elderberries"

By: William A. Jack


Check out these other books by T. H. Logwood. We also can not sell these here, but simply go to Amazon, and take the links to the Kindle Books. Mr. Logwood writes about Rights and History mostly, and has some interesting titles to conbsider, like:

"The U.S.S. LaPorte (APA 151), The "Pearl of the Pacific"

By: T. H. Logwood


"The End of American Freedom"

By: T. H. Logwood


"Collecting Old Stock Certificates"

By: T. H. Logwood


"A Walk in the Sub-Alpine Meadows"

By: T. H. Logwood


"The Democrat Blue Wave is the Zombie Apocolyse"

T. H. Logwood


"The Democrat Blue Wave is the Texas 2nd Alamo"

T. H. Logwood


"Repent America, In the Name of Jesus!"

T. H. Logwood


"Don't Tread on Me!"

T. H. Logwood


"I Met a Man Named Donald"

T. H. Logwood



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Either way you choose... Always feel free to send us an email with the other information, special notes or instructions, a different send-to address, etc.

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Another easy way to order if you have a PayPal account, is to go into your account and use the Send-Payment button to complete the order. You Send payment to us at (nursery@cdr3.com). On the PayPal send-money screen, put your order items into their 'Notes Section' box, then submit your payment. Be sure to include your name and ship-to address, plus any other additional information you want to add. Send us a follow-up email, which would be helpful. We will reply with an order confirmation.

Or, you can always use regular mail to place an order. You can print out an order page, or just drop us a note.

All orders are hand-processed, so we read and check over everything. Please make sure all of your information is correct.

Note: Non-nursery items are offered on a first-come basis, and some items are limited or sell-out early.

This section is for all of the non-nursery items we offer. These items will periodically change as well, and we may add all sorts of non-nursery related items, including: Arrows, Lead Soliders, Soaps, Beads, and more. Add any of our non-nursery items including: Gemstones, Jewelry, Coins and Money, Baseball Cards, etc. to this order form. As long as you have an item code or name, a brief description, and price, you can always order these items on this form.

Get non-nursery item codes, then use your Back button to return here. Include that in the Comments box.

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Note - No shipping cost on Gift Certificates.

__ Terra-Sorb _Terra-Sorb Planting Gel (3 oz. Packet) ___________$3.95


__ OTHR-PlantIns-01 _Plant Insurance - Basic Coverage @$19.95


__ OTHR-PlantIns-01 _Plant Insurance - Extended Coverage @$24.95


__ OTHR-PlantIns-01 _Plant Insurance - Premium Coverage @$49.95


__ OTHR-PlantIns-01 _Plant Insurance - Gold Coverage @$74.95


__ OTHR-PlantIns-01 _Plant Insurance - Renew Your Coverage for 1-Year @$39.95


Note - No shipping cost on Plant-Insurance. Learn about Plant-Insurance at: (http://www.cdr3.com/shipping)

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The average stated size will vary per species, and some trees have been trimmed back. Ask us if you have any questions. For Non-Nursery items, many of these notes will not apply... Always feel free to ask if you have questions.

Depending on the workload, time of the season, and the ship-to location, shipment generally starts when best able to send, and continues until the items are sold-out or seasonal factors such as the weather halts shipping. For Nursery items, general shipping starts in October, and goes through Spring. Some items are shippable year-round, whereas most are halted when they become less-shippable. The southern and northern parts of the country will have different shipping times due to weather factors. Some items ship all year, others have a very limited shipping-opportunity. Always feel free to ask us... We can Book an order early and have it scheduled to ship at a later date, so let us know your needs. We try to get the orders processed and shipped as quickly as possible.

We have a limited number of larger trees for some species. We feel that smaller trees establish better than larger trees, but larger trees are older and have better developed root systems and stems. The taller trees can be shipped easy enough with good success, but a shipping surcharge may be added because of the costs.

Regular-size vs. Tall-size? The difference between the regular and tall size is age. Both sizes are trimmed back, but the Talls are older, more hefty, with a basal caliper of 1/2 inch or more. This will vary between species, but the two sizes are very different.

Read more about the Shipping Options, and our Policies by Clicking here.

If you have any questions, send us an email. Send E-mail

When sending us email, do make sure your email address is correct. Also, make sure we are on your "allowed" list so our replies are not blocked. This causes delays in processing your order and getting important order information to you. If needed, you can always contact us by regular mail.

Spam... we won't send you junk mail, we get plenty of that ourselves. So in order to minimize Spammers from using our email address, we require that you correct the email address. Our email address is (nursery@cdr3[dot]com). Note - replace "[dot]" with a period.

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