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Specials - Clearance - Overstock - Super Sales

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Specials - Clearance Deals - Overstock Items - Super Sales

4/5/21 - Currently, there are these Speials offered.

< Right now, get big savings on these items! Limited time... limited selection, but if you have a need for trees and shrubs, save more!

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These specials will vary, and may change without any notice.

Current Special Deals:

Save about 15%

Carolina Silverbell Trees... Regular $6.95 apiece.

Special Price... $5.95


Black Aronia Berry Shrubs - "Talls"... Regular $21.95 apiece.

Special Price - "Talls"... $18.95


Horsechestnut Trees... Regular Price $6.95 apiece.

Special Price... $5.95


Ohio Buckeye Trees... Regular Price $6.95 apiece.

Special Price... $5.95


Red Buckeye Trees... Regular Price $5.95 apiece.

Special Price... $4.95


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Not included in this Section includes: the Nuts, Dogwoods, and other trees and shrubs that also can make semi-edible or wildlife-suitable food. Learn about those in the Hardwoods and Shrubs sections.

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