Free Shipping of Your Order

Free Shipping of Your Order

Print out this Coupon... then send it in. It's that easy!

Free Shipping on Your Order!

The cost of shipping has been going up as the price of oil (and gas) increases, and that forces everyone to raise their prices to compensate. Many companies have also raised their shipping prices, we too, but that reduces sales... fact of life. We too are regular people and consumers, and we also feel the pinch when prices goes up... so we are offering this coupon. When you place you order for $50 or more, include this coupon and get Free Shipping!

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Free Shipping Coupon!

Place an order for $50 or more, and get Free Shipping.

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(Note: One Gift Certificate per order. Not to be combined with other offer, coupons, or promotions.)

Coupon terms and conditions - When you place an order using regular mail, include this coupon. For regular mail-in orders, you need to print this coupon, fill in the information, and send it to us with your order. For orders placed online using Any of our order forms, simply place the Special Code in the Comments Box on the order. We will adjust the total accordingly. Valid payment, and correct order information is needed to complete this offering. Not to be combined with other offer, coupons, or promotions. The customer is responsible to correct errors entered onto the order forms or payment information, and email addresses or contact information. Empire National Nursery, LLC will be held blameless for any misunderstandings or circumstances that may arise from this offering. By requesting this offer, you are in agreement with these terms and conditions, as well as those stated in our Shipping policies (

Spring is Coming! Time to order... time to plant!

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