Re-Enactments - Join the Battle

Re-Enactments - Join the Battle

It's WAR!!!

Volunteers are Needed... Serve 120 Days!

Yes... True! Join a Re-Enactment Unit of your choice... (preferably a Southern unit of course...). Be a "Living Historian"... re-enacting the part of a soldier, a gentleman, and certainly the ladies have plenty of roles to play... and take a journey back in time...

Go back in time... The beauty of the South, the big poofy dresses, the ballroom dances, the color and splendor of Southern tradition. Can't you just the hear Scarlet cry out, "Rhet, Rhet... come back to me...".

Where to sign up? Camp Chase Gazette On the Camp Chase website, there is a menu bar that reads "Civil War Directory", and then "Units" in the sub-menu. It shows Re-Enactor Units to join per state.

Yes... later on, we hope to list some of the Units to contact directly...

Joel 2:20 I will drive the northern army far from your land, into a parched and desolate place.

Bushwackin' on the Russell Fork (KY) 2009

Battle for Charleston (SC) 2012

Columbia (SC) 2012

Martinsville (VA) 2012

2nd Manassas - 150th (VA) 2012

Yes... we will add more events as soon as we can...

Songs of the Confederacy - Play a piece of history! Beautiful favorites from a golden timeSongs of the South... Beautiful piano favorites from a golden time. Get yours!

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