Fast Growing Trees Order Form

Fast Growing Trees Order Form

Empire National
Nursery shipping rates

There are 2 ways to order.

1) Use the PayPal button, Or,
2) Print out the order page to mail-in the order.

Either way you choose... Always feel free to send us an email with the other information, special notes or instructions, a different send-to address, etc.

How to Order:

Use PayPal. Use your credit card on the PayPal Shopping Cart buttons. Easy, fast, and secure... And, you do not need to have a PayPal account to order (they are just our payment processor).

Another easy way to order if you have a PayPal account, is to go into your account and use the Send-Payment button to complete the order. You Send payment to us at ( On the PayPal send-money screen, put your order items into their 'Notes Section' box, then submit your payment. Be sure to include your name and ship-to address, plus any other additional information you want to add. Send us a follow-up email, which would be helpful. We will reply with an order confirmation.

For Example: Say you want ten of the regular-size Ameri-Willows. Simply do a Copy/Paste of the item information --> ('10 FGT-AW-01 _Ameri-Willow_$6.95ea.') into a Notepad document. paste that into the 'General'.

Or, you can always use regular mail to place an order. You can print out an order page, or just drop us a note.

All orders are hand-processed, so we read and check over everything. Please make sure all of your information is correct.

Fast Growers Order Mail-In Form

City: State/Province: Zip:
(Use your Zip+4, for fastest delivery)
E-mail Address:

____Item Code - Name ____________ Ave.Size(inches)_ Price Each_

__ FGT-AW-01 _Ameri-Willow _____________20"_____$6.95
__ FGT-AW-03 _Ameri-Willow - Talls _______38 _____$14.95
__ FGT-WWg-01 _Green Weeping Willow ___________20 ____$5.95
__ FGT-WhW-01 _White Willow _20 __$5.95
__ FGT-WhW-03 _White Willow - Talls ___38 __$5.95
__ FGT-CkW-01 _Corkscrew Willow _____________16 ____$5.95
__ FGT-PpW-01 _Pink Pussy Willow ___________20 ____$8.95
__ FGT-PpW-03 _Pink Pussy Willow - Talls _____36 ____$21.95
__ FGT-SaW-01 _Sandbar Willow ___________20 ____$5.95
__ FGT-QA-01 _Quaking Aspen ___________16 ____$6.95
__ FGT-QA-03 _Quaking Aspen - Talls _____36 ____$15.95
__ FGT-LP-01 _Lombardy Theves Poplar __________20 ____$5.95
__ FGT-LP-03 _Lombardy Theves Poplar - Talls_______38 ____$15.95 __ FGT-HP-01 _Hybrid Poplar ________20 ____$5.95 __ FGT-HL-01 _Honey Locust ______________20 ____$5.95
__ FGT-NC-01 _Northern Catalpa ___________20 ____$5.95
__ FGT-AE-01 _American Elm ___________16 ____$6.95
__ FGT-AE-03 _American Elm - Talls _____36 ____$15.95

Order Sub-Total = $

Our Standard Shipping & Handling Rate Schedule (09/1/10) -

Empire National
Nursery shipping rates Empire National Nursery shipping rates

For Oversized (OS), which are orders that include one or more "Talls5-6" (item codes ending with -05): Add $30.

Shipping & Handling = $

Order Total = $


Type of Payment:
We accept Check, Money Order, Cashiers Check, and just mail it to:

Empire National Nursery, LLC
15746 Highway 174
Mount Vernon, MO 65712

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Delivery - Depending on the workload, time of the season, and the ship-to location, shipment generally starts when best able to send, and continues until the items are sold-out or seasonal factors such as the weather halts shipping. The southern states are often shipped earlier, whereas the northern states may be delayed due to frosts or unfavorable weather. Some items ship all year, others have a very limited shipping-opportunity. Always feel free to ask us... We can Book an order early and have it scheduled to ship at a later date, so let us know your needs. We try to get the orders processed and shipped as quickly as possible. Should you have any questions, please ask...

Our Standard shipping service is US Priority Mail. We do regularly use Fed-Ex Ground, typically for larger or oversized orders. We do use Fed-Ex Air (Express, 2nd Day, and Overnight), and each rate is determined by Fed-Ex, quoted, and added to the sub-total.

We can ship it Fed-Ex Air (Express, 2nd Day, or Overnight), but the cost will be quoted and added to the sub-total above.
Note: the cost will vary according to the package weight, dimensions, and ship-to zip code.

Important Note: We will try to minimize all shipping costs, but we may add surcharges or other fees depending on package parameters. For Fed-Ex, Large, Long, or Oversized Boxes (OS), additional fees may be added, as per quoted rate information from the package carrier. These fees will vary for each package, but $30 will first be added to each order. Then once quoted, we will go back and adjust the totals.

Read more at the Shipping and Policies webpage... Policies

How to Contact Us... Send E-mail to Empire National Nursery, fast growing trees for home and garden landscaping Send E-mail

When sending us email, do make sure your email address is correct. Also, make sure we are on your "allowed" list so our replies are not blocked.

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