How to Contact Us

How to Contact Us

To send us e-mail, use this form. Just fill it out, and press the Submit Button below. Our regular email addresses are still good and usable, but due to the volume of junk mail, we now direct most mail to come from this form.

Important Note - Using our regular email addresses ( do not send attachments or messages over 10k in size. All regular mail is filtered, and those types will get filtered out. Use this form for all contact if possible.

Pick up your order at the nursery...

If you are in the southweswt Missouri or Tri-State areas, we can arrange for local pick up or we can deliver. We are not a retail store, so orders to be picked up must be scheduled... please.Ask us if you have questions about picking up the order.

Local Order... Call us! Contact us by email, and we can give you a local phone number to call. We don't have general customer phone support, but we try to make a phone number available to our local guests...

Our primary e-mail address is: (
SPAM control... just take out the 'space' between 'nursery' and the '@' symbol.

Right now, we do not offer general customer phone support, or even for ordering. We just dont have the setup of staffing for that, but its also important to us that everything we say or quote is written. A written answer is one you can refer to again and again. We did have phone support in the past, and we will likely have that again in the future, but not currently...

Send Regular Mail and Payments to our Street Address:

Our Address is -

Empire National Nursery, LLC
15746 Highway 174
Mount Vernon, MO 65712

We do accept Visa/MasterCard through PayPal (send to: nursery
SPAM control... just take out the 'space' between 'nursery' and the '@' symbol.

Credit Card Payments:

Lots of changes around here... our ordering process as well. Currently, we are not accepting credit card orders directly. That will change in the future, but for now, we have changed. For credit card ordering, use PayPal. PayPal is safe, secure, and fast. In sending a payment to use, use the Notes section to add the order items and comments. If you don't have a PayPal account, it is easy to sign up for one. Just click to ( and follow the instructions.

Read Our Policies:

We hope to make your purchasing experience a good one. Just so you are aware, we do have set policies and procedures that you should read before making your purchase. We hold ALL information you provide "strictly confidential", and we have a privacy statement. Most orders arrive in good condition, but if there is a problem, we need to know about it immediately. We also do Not guarantee the plants (growth, performance, etc.), so do read what is covered and how we will try to help you. There is information about the shipping options that is worth considering too. Take this link... Our Policies

How-To Book an Early Order:

Book your order early! We do promote that idea, and for good reasons. Booked orders are those that we hold until they are ready to ship at a later date. Many items are limited in quantity, and the booked order is a good way to assure you will get those limited items. They are a good way to get on the shipping schedule, especially as we are swamped in the spring. An early order helps us in our planning and production activities. We book orders up to a year in advance!

Simply fill out any of the order forms, but in the Comments Box, put a desired ship date and other information if you like. For credit card orders, we dont process it until the order is ready to ship. Checks and PayPal payments are deposited long before the order ships. When the order is received by us, we will send out an email confirmation message with your order number and estimated ship date. Its safe, secure, and assured. Book your order early ...Click here

Email Adresses: Make sure your email address is entered correctly! Check for typos and errors. If your system uses blocks or filters, make sure We are on your approved list.

Our primary e-mail address is: (nursery
SPAM control... just take out the 'space' between 'nursery' and the '@' symbol.

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