How to Contact Us and Our Address

How to Contact Us and Our Address

Send us email... Or, if you are local, plan a visit!

IMPORTANT NOTE - The best way to contact us is by email... but during the spring, we are swamped, so have patience. We use filters in our email system to block junk mail and viruses, and many of you do as well. Make sure "we" are on your allowed-list so our replies to you are not blocked. We wont' SPAM you, and our messages are all simple text.

Our primary e-mail address is: (nursery [no spaces in address]
SPAM control... just take out the 'space' between 'nursery' and the '@' symbol.

The best way to get a reply is -

Make sure your email address is correct;
Do not send attachments;
Messages must be under under 40k in size.

If you have trouble contacting us, drop us a note via regular mail.

Our Location

Yes, we are in southwest Missouri! Our main facility for shipping and receiving is here, and where all contact is made. We moved from Virginia (and formerly North Carolina) about a year ago. Yes, we were once in south Florida.

Yes... it will take time to get all of the street address changes made, but all regular mail would be forwarded, and we will eventually get every address on the webpages changed over. Our email addresses remain the same, just the physical location. We greatly apologize for the inconveniences this may have had on your ordering and planting.

Why did we move? Firstly, it was the dollars. Shipping costs and the costs of operating are less here vs. North Carolina. The center of our market area is more so in this southwest Missouri area, putting us closer to our main customer base. If you look at the delivery map below, your orders will be able to get to you quicker. Transit times will vary, but generally a large portion of you folks are now within three transit days. That reduces the ever-increasing shipping costs. And if the plants get to you faster, the better condition they will be, which makes everyone happy. Lower capital and operating costs are helpful as well.

Along with shipping and operation costs, the next major reason to move was the climate. Missouri is great during the winter in some respects, and very challenging in the summer for other reasons. The warm winters made propagation and most outdoor activities easier, and the spring through Fall high humidity was great for the plants. This location has a good climate to grow most of the trees most of the time, but somewhat limiting during the winter months. The new greenhouse will help control the climate for some of the trees and for propagation.

New products are another primary reason for the move. We can now cater more to the local markets with larger potted and B&B items. We will increase our local presence as time goes on, and maybe offer local delivery.

There are a number of other minor reasons for the move as well, yes, including the hurricanes...

our address is -
Empire National Nursery, LLC
15746 Highway 174
Mount Vernon, MO 65712

If you are in the southwest Missouria area, we welcome your visit.

Retail and local traffic... Yes, we are set up for that in a limited capacity. If you are local, you can order on-line, then pick up your order yourself. Walk-in traffic by appoint... please. The workload is heavy enough, but let us have some lead-time before visiting. Now this place will not be a "browse and shop" retail store... nothing like that at all. Deliveries might be a part of the program too.

Pick up your order at the nursery... Locally we operate as - Phillipps Farm & Nursery (PFN)

If you are in the Mount Vernon, Republic, or Springfield areas, we can arrange for local pick up or we can deliver. We are not a retail store per-se, so orders to be picked up must be scheduled. Ask us if you have questions about picking up your order.

Call us! If you are local and want to come by, email us, and we can give you a local phone number.

Right now, we do not offer general customer phone support, even for ordering. We just dont have the setup of staffing for that, but its also important to us that everything we say or quote is to be in a written format. A written answer is one you can refer to again and again. We did have phone support in the past, and we will likely have that again in the future, but not currently... Locals... yes, we can and do offer the phone number, but generally not available through the entire Web.

Have you had trouble getting our pages to fully display? If YES, then your Browser is having a conflict with our coding. First hit your Refresh button. If that doesn't help, make sure your Internet Options (under the Tools menu) is set so "we" are allowed to be viewed. Then, if you still have trouble you have certain Browser Security features "enabled", like "Pop-Up Blocker", our messages to you will not get through. This is most common with Earthlink users, Netscape Navigator, some AOL Users, and those people on networks. For a look at Browser Compatibility Click here!

And if none of those things work, contact your ISP technical support folks.

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