Pruning and Trimming

Pruning and Trimming

How to Prune

One of most numerous and puzzling questions have to do with pruning or trimming. When and how are the most asked questions... Granted every plant is different, and every growing condition is different, but there are some basic and general tips that should answer many of the questions. Use these notes as a guide, not as absolute rules. And have fun with it, pruning isn't that difficult, and the results will be rewarding!

Hmm... where to start, pruning can get deep, quickly... Do you trim new growth, dead limbs, when to prune, where, 'the knack', or what? Many questions, we will have to come back and go into this at a later time. there are many books and other online resources for these types of questions. or, if you have something specific to ask, just ask us...

More later...

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