Order Form & Ordering Information

Order Form & Ordering Information

Updated: 1/24/20

IMPORTANT NOTE: Item availability will change... We try to keep this page and the Catalog updated as supplies become limited. Keep the Catalog Bookmarked. This is more of an auxillary page, the Catalog is the primary ordering webpage (see link below).

Empire National
Nursery shipping rates

There are 2 ways to order.

1) Use the PayPal Shopping Cart Buttons, Or,
2) Print out the order page to mail-in the order.

Either way you choose... Always feel free to send us an email with the other information, special notes or instructions, a different send-to address, etc.

How to Order:

Use PayPal. Use your credit card on the PayPal Shopping Cart buttons. Easy, fast, and secure... And, you do not need to have a PayPal account to order (they are just our payment processor).

Just click on the button, change the quantity on the shopping cart screen, hit the 'Update' button. If you are done adding items, then click on the shipping button to determine the rate for your zip code, and follow the payment screen instructions. Once the transaction is completed, we will get the order and start getting it ready to ship.

Now if you are not done shopping, just close the shopping cart window which will return you to the webpage. You can check your shopping cart at any time using the 'view cart' button.

Another easy way to order if you have a PayPal account, is to go into your account and use the Send-Payment button to complete the order. You Send payment to us at (nursery@cdr3.com). On the PayPal send-money screen, put your order items into their 'Notes Section' box, then submit your payment. Be sure to include your name and ship-to address, plus any other additional information you want to add. Send us a follow-up email, which would be helpful. We will reply with an order confirmation.

Or, you can always use regular mail to place an order. You can print out an order page, or just drop us a note.

All orders are hand-processed, so we read and check over everything. Please make sure all of your information is correct.

We do accept...

Money Order;
Cashier's Check;
PayPal (Use PayPal for your credit card payments.
Go to: www.paypal.com, then send payment to: (nursery@cdr3.com).

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Send E-mail

Ordering and Shipping Notes

Your order will be processed by hand, where it will be checked and double-checked. We will try to send you an Order-Confirmation with an estimated ship date (mailed-in orders might not get a confirmation).

Then once we have the order, it will be planned and scheduled to ship as quickly as practical. Seasonal factors greatly influence shipment. Spring is our busiest time, the "Spring-Rush", so order delays are possible, and email responses may be slowed down. Please have patience, we work hard to meet the ship dates. We do ship nearly all year, but that varies with plant condition and other factors. Shipment generally starts in the Fall and rolls through the Winter and Spring months. Summer is fine for selected items and locations, and we will advise you of that.

We generally prepare the orders in the early morning (and also at night during the Spring-Rush), and the plant materials are inspected and prepared before packaging. Although we prefer to ship dormant plants, we do ship during the growing season with careful preparation. During the growing season, we use a technique called "Trimmed for Transport", making the plants leafless, trimmed, and other means to reduce shipping-shock. The plants are kept moist and protected, then the boxes are kept in a cool location until picked up by the package carrier. Then once sent, we try to send you a Sent-Confirmation note that the order is on its way...

Then once you get the order, open the box and inspect the items. Make sure they are moist, and keep them in a dark cool place until you are ready to plant. Planting instructions are usually included, but they are simple common-sense guidelines. Keep plants protected from heat, wind, or cold, then once planted, water well. We suggest adding a thick mulch layer around them. It's pretty simple and straight forward... but always ask if you have questions.

Our Standard shipping service is US Priority Mail. We use Priority Mail for addresses to post office boxes or rural routes. We also use Fed-Ex (Ground, Express, 2nd Day, and Overnight) delivery services, and these rates are quoted by Fed-Ex.

We will try to minimize all shipping costs, but we may add surcharges or other fees depending on package parameters. For Large, Long, or Oversized Boxes, additional fees may be added as per quoted rate information from the package carrier. These fees will vary for each of those packages.

The best way we ship the taller trees is by Ground. Shipping rates have gone up (again), but ground delivery is still the lowest cost method. Rather than stick the consumer with all of the shipping increases, we absorb part of it. Depending on the size of the shipping box, an "oversize" fee of $30 will be added. It the trees with the item codes that end in (-05) which makes the boxes too long or large for regular shipping. These are considered "oversized" and the carriers (all of them) add a huge fee for them. The oversized trees are noted as "Talls5-6", with the item code ending (-05). The regular taller trees, and the "Talls" ending with (-03), usually do not incur additional charges. We try our best to minimize the costs.

Delivery depends on the workload, time of the season, and the ship-to location, shipment generally starts in January and continues until the items are sold-out. We can Book an order early to ship at a later date. For the taller trees, timing is critical, so you might consider Booking your order up to a year in advance. Use the Comments Box for prefered ship dates and any other information we should know.

Order Now for next season! Even if you are not ready to plant, or your weather is not right, you can always Book the order. Booked orders require no payment or deposit, but we will get it set up. Something to consider and plan for...

Note: Items are offered on a first-come basis, and some items are limited or sell-out early.

The average stated size will vary per species, and some trees have been trimmed back. Ask us if you have any questions.

We have a limited number of larger trees for some species. We feel that smaller trees establish better than larger trees, but larger trees are older and have better developed root systems and stems. The taller trees can be shipped easy enough with good success, but a shipping surcharge may be added because of the packaging.

Tall-size vs. Regular-size? The difference between the regular and tall size is age. Both sizes are trimmed back, but the Talls are older, more hefty, with a basal caliper of 1/2 inch or more. This will vary between species, but the two sizes are very different.

Note about the "Talls 5-6" size... These are the size of trees that creates the Larger, Longer, and Oversized boxes, so the shipping rate is determined differently. Add $30 to the shipping rate if the order includes one or more of the "Talls5-6" trees. Shipping is quoted (determined by the shipping carrier), and the order total will be adjusted accordingly.

Read more about the Shipping Options, and our Policies at Policies

If you have any questions, send us an email. Send E-mail

When sending us email, do make sure your email address is correct. Also, make sure we are on your "allowed" list so our replies are not blocked. This causes delays in processing your order and getting important order information to you. If needed, you can always contact us by regular mail.

Spam... we won't send you junk mail, we get plenty of that ourselves. So in order to minimize Spammers from using our email address, we require that you correct the email address. Our email address is (nursery@cdr3[dot]com). Note - replace "[dot]" with a period.

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