Phillipps Farm & Nursery - Your Missouri Source for Fruit Trees

Phillipps Farm & Nursery - Your Missouri Source for Fruit Trees

We are Phillipps Farm & Nursery (PF & N) - Your southwestern Missouri source for trees and plants. PF & N is a subsidiary of Empire National Nursery, LLC, operating as our local retail outlet.

Locally, we grow and offer fruit trees, berry plants, and seasonally vegetables and vegtable plants. Now the plant offerings will vary from season to season, afterall... the nursery business is all about change, but we here to provide the region with trees and plants for your home and commercial needs.

Do take the links to the Catalog, and our other webpages. You will learn more about us... Then come on in, and see what we have growing at PF & N! Now understand that what we offer locally and online will be different. Locally, the trees and plants are potted, larger, and ready to 'carry out'. Online, the same types of plants will be smaller and prepared for shipment. We can ship nationwide. You can have the benefits of both, either come on in, or order by mail...

Locally, we accept cash, checks, and money orders. Online, we process credit card payments through PayPal, and you can always mail in your order and payment as well.

2 Ways to Order! Come in locally to PF & N, Or... if you can Order online through the Empire National Nursery Catalog.

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In-the-Trade Discount

For the Local Professional Landscaper (In-the-Trade), we offer you 25% Off Our Regular Prices!

Take 25% off the prices posted in our retail store.

If you are local or in the region, we want to set up an account for your company - whether you buy from us or not. Just give us your business card or letterhead, so we can get to know you, and best meet your needs.

And if there is something in particular you need for a job, or a list of items, let us know and we will give you a quote! Need a quantity? We can offer 30-day quotes. Supplies will run out quickly, and we typically sell out of select items by late-winter, so plan ahead. Let us know what your needs are.

Types of Payment:
We accept Check, Money Order, and Cashiers Check.

Our Local Address is:

Phillipps Farm & Nursery
15746 Highway 174
Mt. Vernon, MO 65712

Get 10% Off

Locally, at PF & N, we offer Veterans, NRA members, SCV & UDC 10% off our retail prices. Please have your ID or membership card available to get this special offering.

Do Note - Promos and offers are Not cumulative, only (1) One offering per visit.

What we grow...

Trees - Flowering, Conifers, and Fruiting


Berry Plants

Flowers, Vegetables, and Bedding Plants

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Pay us securely with any major credit card through PayPal!
Pay us securely with any major credit card through PayPal!

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When sending us email, do make sure your email address is correct. Also, make sure we are on your "allowed" list so our replies are not blocked.

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We are more than a fast growing tree nursery, we offer gift ideas for Christmas, Birthdays, holidays, and any-time. Our non-nursery items include: Gemstones, Jewelry, Coins and Money, Baseball Cards, and more.

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