Coastal Redwoods, Giant Sequoias, & Dawn Redwood Trees for Home and Garden Landscaping

Coastal Redwoods, Giant Sequoias, & Dawn Redwood Trees for Home and Garden Landscaping

The Redwoods - the Biggest and Tallest of Trees

When you think of the Redwoods, you think of large old trees that are rare and endangered. Yes, the Redwoods do get huge and can live for thousands of years, but they are not rare. In the natural range of these majestic trees, the Coastal Redwood is highly prized for its lumber characteristics, so the timberlands are carefully managed. The Giant Sequoia is well managed in its limited natural range along the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountains, but is not a commerically grown wood. Both species are grown and planted over much of the southern parts of the country, as well as in other countries. The Dawn Redwood is all but extinct in its native China, but is widely planted throughout this country.

Empire National Nursery Redwoods, Sequoia's, and evergreens

In the landscape design, the redwoods can be great screens and windbreaks, but are often planted as specimens or in small groups. The growth rates will vary, but the Coastal and Dawn Redwoods can grow fairly fast, so a good-sized tree is possible in just a few years. The Giant Sequoia is fairly slow growing, but still can become a reasonable size with not too long a wait. The Sequoia is also a popular bonsai tree.

There are three different Redwoods trees (true species)-
Empire National Nursery Redwoods, Sequoia's, and evergreensCoast Redwood,
Giant Sequoia
Nursery Redwoods, Sequoia's, and evergreensDawn Redwood
The Coast Redwood is found mostly along the California coast and a few along the southern Oregon coast. These giant Coast Redwoods can reach over 300 feet tall and over 20 feet across, and be over 4,000 years old.

Empire National Nursery Redwoods, Sequoia's, and evergreens

Like its close relative, the Giant Sequoia is also a massive tree. Giant Sequoia trees can grow to over 300 feet tall, also impressive diameters of 20 feet or more, and similarly over 4,000 years old. The trees do look different than the Coast Redwood, brighter orange-red bark, a very conical shape to the branches and foliage, and these are found in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California.

Empire National Nursery Redwoods, Sequoia's, and evergreens

The Dawn Redwood is a redwood, but has some very different characterisitics. It is generally believed that these trees don't get as large or as old as the other two trees. The Dawn Redwood is a native of northern China, thought to be extinct, but rediscovered in the 1940's, and now widely planted in the United States.
Empire National Nursery Redwoods, Sequoia's, and evergreens

Hybrids - Becoming very popular, are an increasing number of hybrids for the Coast Redwood and the Giant Sequoia. Darker green coloration to gray-blue, pendent forms, and more! We have some... and they do sell out fast! These are a bit spendy, and very limited, but a real treat!

Empire National Nursery Redwoods, Sequoia's, and evergreens The Blue Redwoods and other Hybrids... none right now, but we will keep you posted... Empire National Nursery Redwoods, Sequoia's, and

As far as shipping, the Coast Redwood ships well most of the season. The Dawn is best shipped in the Spring or late Fall, and the Giant Sequoia is sent best during the early to mid-Spring. Empire National Nursery Redwoods,
Sequoia's, and

Availability of some items may become limited. We can Book your order up to a year in advance, and no payment or deposit is required for booked orders. Ask us if you questions...

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