Loose Gemstones

Loose Gemstones

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Free Wheat Penny

(mail-in, or, combine with other items)

Price: $0.01

True... getting rare to find, but we will offer this "randomly-selected" authentic Wheat Leaf penny for Free. Considered to be "Good" grade (according to the 2010 Red Book). Note - in order for the payment button to work, a one-cent cost has to be used.

How-To: There are 3 ways to get this item. Firstly, by regular mail, mail-in your request for your Free Wheat Ears penny, and include $2.95 Shipping & Handling (which includes Insurance) with your check or money order. Or, Mail-in your request with a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope and pay No shipping cost. Thirdly, use the PayPal button above for 1-cent withan order of any size using the PayPal payment buttons. The shopping cart will hold all of your items until you are ready to check out.

Terms & Conditions: This offer is for one coin. The costs of shipping are a set flat-rate on this webpage. Shipping will include Insurance or/and Delivery Confirmation. Mail-in your order along with a check or money order, or use the online payment process. Use the how-to instructions to order. Supplies are limited, and on a "first-come" basis.

Disclaimer: We at Empire National Nursery, LLC and Empire National Company, LLC make no claim as to value of the products or items offered. All offers are made with the best information available, and all sales are made on an "as-is" basis.

Simply click on the links below... Use the item information in placing your order. You can mail-in an order, or select the PayPal payment buttons to use any credit card (or your PayPal account).

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