How to Order and General Information

How to Order and General Information

Gift Ideas - Gemstones, Jewlery, Coins, Baseball Cards, and more

We at Empire National Nursery, LLC mostly grow and sell trees for home garden landscaping... but there are other various items we have offered over the years. The items offered are from our advertisers and regular people.

Empire National Nursery shipping rates
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There are 2 ways to order.

1) Use the PayPal button, Or,
2) Print out the order page to mail-in your order.

Either way you choose... Always feel free to send us an email with the other information, special notes or instructions, a different send-to address, etc.

How to Order:

Use PayPal. Use your credit card on the PayPal Shopping Cart buttons. Easy, fast, and secure... And, you do not need to have a PayPal account to order (they are just our payment processor). PayPal accepts most credit cards.

Another easy way to order if you have a PayPal account, is to go into your account and use the Send-Payment button to complete the order. You Send payment to us at ( On the PayPal send-money screen, put your order items into their 'Notes Section' box, then submit your payment. Be sure to include your name and ship-to address, plus any other additional information you want to add. Send us a follow-up email, which would be helpful. We will reply with an order confirmation.

Or, you can always use regular mail to place an order. You can print out an order page, or just drop us a note. Mail-in orders work great! Just include a check or money order with a list of items, total it up, use the Shipping Rate chart below to include in your total.

All orders are hand-processed, so we read and check over everything. Please make sure all of your information is correct.

You can use the below General PayPal button for all of the items we offer. The items will periodically change as well, and we may add all sorts of other non-nursery related items, including: Arrows, Lead Soliders, Soaps, Beads, and more. Add any of our non-nursery items like Gemstones, Jewelry, Coins and Money, Baseball Cards, etc. to this order form. As long as you have an item code or name, a brief description, and price, you can always order these items on the General PayPal button below.

Get the item codes and description, then use your Back button to return here. Put the item information in the Comments box. Print it out to mail in, or, use the PayPal payment button to complete the order.

Other-Items Print and Mail-in Order Form

City: State/Province: Zip:
(Use your Zip+4, for fastest delivery)
E-mail Address:

Add other Items or Notes (ordering additional items not listed here, include the item code or/and description, price, quantity, or other notes and instructions).

Order Sub-Total = $

Add Shipping & Handling

Our Standard Shipping & Handling Rate Schedule (09/1/10) -

Empire National
Nursery shipping rates Empire National Nursery shipping rates

Shipping & Handling = $

Order Total = $

Type of Payment:
We accept Check, Money Order, Cashiers Check, and just mail it to:

Empire National Nursery, LLC
P.O. Box 196
Rose Hill, VA 24281

Our General PayPal Payment Button

Use the item codes or names, a brief description, and price, the Total your order with shipping. Then Pay us securely with this PayPal payment button!
Total your order with shipping, then Pay us securely with PayPal!
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Don't have a PayPal account? Sign up is fast and easy... and very secure! Join PayPal! Join PayPal

We do accept...

Money Order;
Cashier's Check;
PayPal (Use PayPal for your credit card payments.
Go to:, then send payment to: (

Shipping and Delivery: Many of the non-nursery items can be shipped 1st Class mail, others will go Priority Mail. Some items may even be sent Fed-Ex, such as more valuable items. Shipments are typically Mondays and Tuesdays, but if the workload is heavy, we may ship on other days as well. Most packages will have a Delivery Confirmation, Signature Confirmation, or/and insurance. Once shipped, delivery may be a few days or longer depending on your postal conditions. If you ever have a question, always feel free to contact us.

Note: The offerings on this website and our others will change. Items are offered on a first-come and as-is basis, and some items are limited or sell-out early.

Please Note: ALL information you provide is held in the "Strictly Confidential". No one will call you, and we will not spam you with junk mail.

How to Contact Us... Send E-mail to Empire National Nursery, fast growing trees for home and garden landscapingSend E-mail

Note: If the email-form doesn't work on your system, use your regular email service, and send to us at (

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