Sale Terms and Conditions

Sale Terms and Conditions

Sale Terms and Conditions for All Non-Nursery Items

Please bear with us... For everyone's understanding before an item is purchased, we do have some rules and thoughts about this purchase. For Your protection, and Ours, please read these policies. By making this purchase from Us only ( you are agreeing to these terms and conditions of the sale. For items purchased through any auxillary storefronts or webpages, such as ebay,, etc., different sales terms and conditions will apply.

We will NOT ship outside of the USA. Sale for these items are final and "as-is". We tried our best to assess the item values, but we are not in the jewelry or collectibles trade, so we can not guarantee the quality or other factors.

PLEASE MAKE PAYMENT WITHIN 7 DAYS, OR NOTIFY US. PAYMENTS CAN BE MADE BY PAYPAL (send to: nursery CHECKS (we will wait until cleared before the item is shipped). For Cashier's Checks, Money Orders, or Cash, Send it to us at: Empire National Nursery, 6778 McPherson Clay Road, Liberty, NC 27298 For credit card purchases, we suggest using PayPal. These terms and conditions would still apply to credit card purchases. Insufficient funded checks returned will be charged an additional fee of $25.

We do reserve the right to hold shipment until the purchase price has been received and validated. Most items are planned to ship 1st Class Mail with either Delivery or Signature Confirmation, or/and Insurance. Some items may not have either confirmations, and other items may also include other delivery options. Orders are shipped as quickly as practical, and normally on Mondays and Tuesdays of the following week. Always feel free to ask about your order status.

Shipping Costs: Our shipping rate schedule is based on the nursery items, so it is a little expensive for these non-nursery low-weight items. What you can do is either buy enough to make the costs even out (of course we would say that...), but also consider the Free $5 Gift certificate (for mailed -in orders only).

We, at Empire National Nursery, LLC, are not a jewelry or collectibles store, or related to in any manner to the jewelry or collectibles industry. We make No guarantees as to the items quality, value, workmanship, or any other factor relating to a non-nursery item. We have taken our best efforts to determine the items fair-market value. All sales are made on an "as-is" basis.

Our Guarantee - When an order is received, it will be inspected, packaged appropriately, and sent as quickly as practical. We at Empire National Nursery, LLC do Not make any guarantee about a non-nursery item, in any way, whether expressed or implied. WE, remain blameless for innocent misunderstandings arising from purchases, and reserve the Right of outside arbitration should a dispute follow. Further, Empire National Nursery, LLC will never be held liable for any cost over and above the cost of the item purchase. Shipping and other non-item costs are never refundable, and born by the Buyer. We reserve the Right to have purchased items returned before issuing any portion of a refund. Should an item need to be returned, please contact us in writing prior to returning the item. We gladly accept the return, but shipping costs will be the responsibility of the Buyer. After you contact us, the purchased items need to be returned in the original packaging materials, add insurance or other confirmation as appropriate, and items will be returned at the purchasers cost. Refunds are 100% of the original non-nursery item price (nursery plants are subject to a 15% restocking fee). Shipping or other non-item costs are never refundable.

Our Policies website ( offers different Sale Terms and Conditions (for plant items), which will vary and does Not apply to the purchases on non-nursery items.

WE Will NOT ship outside of the USA.

We are Empire National Nursery, LLC grow and sell trees for Home and Garden Landscaping projects. We specialize in fast-growing trees for privacy screens and windbreaks, but with a growing selection of over 200 species, there are many trees that can add color and beauty to most of your gardening and commercial plantings. Learn more... see the Catalog ( for more information and links.

In North Carolina? Close to the Triangle or Triad areas? Come get your trees at the Nursery, and save the shipping cost... Larger trees are available locally.

Gift Certificates are always available... Safe, specially coded, and they Never expire. Great for Christmas, the holidays and many other occasions.

Ameri-Willow - Super fast growth up to 70 feet tall, and good for Zones 4 to 10. Plant in full sun with plenty of water, this non-suckering hybrid is versatile as privacy screen, windbreak, or as a shade tree. This is our most popular selling tree because of their very fast growth! The Ameri-Willow grows up to 8 feet per year on average, but up to 15 feet in the first year has been documented! Need privacy or a windbreak? Consider the Ameri-Willow!

How to Contact Us... stock certificates, money, foreign currency Send E-mail

When sending us email, do make sure your email address is correct. Also, make sure we are on your "allowed" list so our replies are not blocked.

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