Tanzanite & Tourmaline

Tanzanite & Tourmaline

Tourmaline - Neon Blue
Paraiba, Oval about 12x9mm, 3.79ct. $4,995.95

Tourmaline - Pink
7mm Round, about 1.5ct. $21.95

Tanzanite - Oval
7x5mm, about0.9ct, A+/AA- $149.95

Tanzanite - Square
5mm, about 0.5ct, A+/AA- $94.95

Tanzanite - Round
4mm, about 0.24ct, A+/AA- $39.95

Tanzanite - Marquise
5x2.5mm, about 0.2ct, A+/AA- $5.95

Tourmaline - Yellow/Brown
5mm Round, about 0.45ct. $6.95

Tourmaline - Pink
4x3mm Oval, about 0.2ct. $5.95

Tanzanite - Trillion
4.5mm, about 0.25ct, A+/AA- $41.95

Tanzanite - Oval
Greenish, 7x5mm, about 0.9ct, A+/AA- $79.95

Tanzanite - Emerald Cut
6x4mm, about 0.6ct, A+/AA- $89.95

Tourmaline - Pink
3mm Round, about 0.1ct. $3.95

Tanzanite - Marquise
4x2mm, about 0.2ct, A+/AA- $4.95

Tourmaline - Pink
4.5mm Round, about 0.3ct. $5.95

Tanzanite - Pear
8x6mm, about 1ct, A+/AA- $174.95

Tourmaline - Green
3mm Round, about 0.12ct. $4.95

Tourmaline - Pink
Oval 9x5.5mm, about 2ct. $24.95

Tanzanite - Round
2.5mm, about 0.04ct, AAA VVS $24.95

Tourmaline - Square
Green 5mm, about 0.3ct. $12.95

Tourmaline - Green
Emerald Cut 6x4mm, about 0.6ct. $21.95

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