Sports Trading Cards - Baseball

Sports Trading Cards - Baseball

Trading cards are fun... Although many may not have much real-life value, they are a novelty that can be mounted, or given as gifts. Most of these are in New condition, most are in Mint or Near-Mint condition. The price reflects the condition. All were researched, compared values and prices on the various markets and value-guides.

We have over 200,000 cards, so there is no way to list every one, so always feel free to ask us... Take the email links, or just plug in ( For more cards, check out... More Sportscards

100 Card Baseball Starter Set


Price: $9.95

Starter Set is great for fund-raisers, parties, school events, or to get a collection going. Randomly selected, no dup's, mix of card publishers.

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For more cards, check out... More Sportscards

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