Stock Certificates

Stock Certificates

Long ago, the major companies printed certificates to show shares of ownership. As trading volume and speed of the transactions increased, they stopped printing them. When stocks or bonds are traded, they are typically held in the brokerage houses or other financial institutions, so you never have the opportunity to even see a stock certificate. As far as we know, they just are not printed anymore... Too bad, they are very interesting, and a piece of history.

Rare and Collectible... and Fun!

What we are offering is from a private collection. The condition is Good overall, the pictures we took are not so great, but you will just have to see them in real-life. Most are dated in the 1960-70's period, some are older or has special notes.

They were all once mounted, so there is masking tape on the back corners of many of them. The former names were whited-out. A few have minor tears, but overall they are very nice, printed on that heavy parchment-like paper. All of these are expired and worthless, with one exception...

Each certificate has a picture(s) and its brief item description. To order, you would type this into the order form. These are limited in quantity and offered on a first-come basis. We will try to keep this page updated, and we will let you know if an item has sold out.

American General Insurance (later became AIG), $54.95

American Sugar, blue, orange, brown, purple, $10.95 ea.

Allied Stores, $3.95

American Natural Resources, olive, green, red, light blue, $3.95 ea.

A. J. Armstrong, (2) green, (1) blue, $8.95 ea.

American Natural Gas, green, (1) blue $14.95 ea.

American Electric Power Co., (2) orange, (1) purple, $7.95 ea.

Allied Chemical, $14.95

Avery Products, (2) orange, (1) blue, (1) green, $3.95 ea.

Basic Resources, (1) green, (2) simple green design, $2.95 ea.

Baxter Labs, blue or brown, $16.95 ea.

Bond Stores, $8.95

Builder Investment Group, blue or green, $14.95 ea.

Boorum & Pease Co., green or yellow, $8.95 ea.

Bristol Meyers, green, $39.95

Camco, Inc., $3.95

Canada General Fund ( dated 1954) Ltd., $19.95

Canal-Randolph, $12.95

Capital Mortgage Investments ,$3.95

CCI Marquardt Corp., $8.95

Central Illinois Public Service, $8.95

Century Ribbon Mills, Inc. (Ernest & Herman Levy) dated 1934, blue or orange, $44.95 ea.

CMI Investment Corp., $3.95

Coburn Optical, $14.95

Columbus and Southern Ohio Electric Co., $14.95

Commercial Alliance, red or blue, $3.95 ea.

Complete Auto Transit, $3.95

Computer Applications, Inc., $15.95

Computer Industries, $3.95

Continental Mortgage Insurance, $3.95

Consolidated Investment Trust, (stamped 1933, dated 1966) $7.95

Cook Electric Co., $4.95

Curtis Minerals, $23.95

Datron Systems $3.95

Digitronics Corp, $3.95

Eckmar Corp., green, blue, or orange, $19.95 ea.

El Paso Gas Company, orange, $14.95

Eversharp, Inc., purple or red, $14.95 ea.

First Charter Financial Corp., $24.95

The Foxboro Co., $38.95

F.W. Means & Co., $8.95

General Tin Investments Inc., orange, red, or green, $11.95 ea.

Great Americn Industries, $3.95

Gulf Republic Financial Corp., $29.95

H & B American Corp., $3.95

Hershey Foods, (2) brown, (1) orange, $14.95 ea.

Hoffman's Motor Transportation, (dated 1939) $19.95

Hospital Affiliates, Inc., $3.95

Idaho Power Company, green, $7.95

International Fine Foods, Inc., (Unredeemed, Valuable, Collectible, No Cash Value but never turned in), $149.95

Iron Mountain, Inc. $7.95

Inspiration Consolidated Copper Co., $9.95

Investment Trust of Boston, $39.95

The Jupiter Corp., $4.95

Kaufman and Broad Inc., $98.95

Land Resources, orange, blue, or green, $3.95 ea.

Latrobe Steel Co., $14.95

the Lehigh Coal and Navigation Co. (Inc. in 1822, dated 1945, 1950s), (2) blue or (1) brown, $29.95 ea.

Lincoln American Corp., brown or blue, $14.95 ea.

LIN Broadcasting Corp., $179.95

Lonergan Corp., brown or blue, $3.95 ea.

Long Island National Bank of New York - Cancelled (impression stamped 1926), $98.95

Long Island Lighting, yellow or green, $11.95 ea.

L.S. Good & Co., red or green, $3.95 ea.

McGregor-Doniger Inc., $8.95

Metal Bellows Corp., $7.95

Milgo Electronic Corp., blue or green, $8.95 ea.

Missouri Public Service Co., $9.95

Monarch Machine tool Co., $8.95

Nashua Corp., $9.95

Nashua Corp., $9.95

National Steel Corp., orange or blue, $38.95 ea.

National Sweepstakes Corp., $24.95

Power Authority of New York, (incl. Coupon sheet) brown, $39.95

Quaker City Industries Inc., $24.95

Rexall Drug and Chemical Co., $38.95

Shell Oil Co., green, $94.95

Trans-Beacon Corp., $19.95

Western Union, $17.95

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