Replacement Order Claim Form

Replacement Order Claim Form

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Our Replacement Claim Form has changed as of 8/29/10.

The purpose of the Policies is to explain our limits and expectations of what we will or will not do. In order to process your claim form fairly, we have rather pointed rules and policies to help prevent fraudulent claims. We will try to work with you for a fair solution, but it is the responsibility of the customer to have read and understood our policies prior to making the purchase. Having placed an order, the customer has agreed to abid by the policies stated therein.

This is a mail-in form, so print it out and send it via regular mail. Please no email attachments... our filters might block it thinking it a spam message. Best to use regular mail. Ebay,, special promotions, or other non-direct orders, these shipping terms and conditions do not apply.

If you have a Plant-Insurance policy, then use that claim form. The below form is for the our regular limited 21-day replacement period.

It is the Customers responsibility to report any problems with the package shipment, contents, or other concerns in a timely manner. By placing your order with us, the customer is has read and is in agreement with our policies terms and conditions as stated on the Shipping Policy webpages ( Replacement claims may be denied. Having read and understood our policies, then fill out the Replacement Order Claim Form.

Replacement Order Claim Form

In order to process your claim, we assume that you have read the policies that pertain to this.

Please fill out the following information -

City: State/Province: Zip:

E-mail Address:

Date Shipment Arrived:

Shipped how/who:

Your Order Confirmation Number:

Damaged? Box, plants, please explain:

Leaf or/and stem, roots Condition:

Media Moist? Type:

Items claimed. List name or code, and quantity:


Print this form out and mail it to:

Empire National Nursery, LLC
Attn: Claims Dept.
6778 McPherson-Clay Road
Liberty, NC 27298

IMPORTANT NOTES - Once a claim is received, it may take several weeks or longer to process. Please fill out all information as requested, this will help reduce additional delays. We may or may not confirm receipt of your form, but it will be presented before the Management Team for review. The process can be lengthy as it is investigated, and there is No guarantee that your claim will be granted. Shipping and other costs may be applied to a replacement order. Also be aware that items do sell out during the season, which may affect your claim. Replacements items may be different than what was originally ordered, in size, and other factors. Sold-out items may be substituted for something else, and we will try notify you regarding your claim. All decisions are made by management, and all decisions are final. We will do our best to process your claim fairly.

Important Note: As of 8/26/10, we have changed our ordering methods. For credit cards, use PayPal. PayPal is good, safe, and secure... Ordering by regular mail using a check or money order works also. Thanks!

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