The Plant-Insurance Program

The Plant-Insurance Program

What is Plant-Insurance?

Is this a joke? No, actually this is a real product we now offer! With a Plant-Insurance policy, we will replace your plants for one-year, with basically no questions asked. You do Not need to buy Plant-Insurance, nor is it required for the purchase of your plants. But, for added security or peace of mind, having a one-year guarantee, plus other concerns people may have, having a Plant-Insurance policy may be worthwhile for you. If you have read our policies, you have found that the replacement of the plants is limited.

Your plants should arrive in good condition, and if reasonably planted and cared for, you should have very good success. Our limited policies explain that we can not cover the losses of the plants due to weather, or beyond the shipping and initial 21-day planting period. Read the policies at ( The plants are shipped in good condition, but delivery and transit problems do happen. Nearly all problems our customers have had are due to the package handling in transit. The carriers, Fed-Ex, USPS, UPS, DHL, and others, do not make any guarantees about the package, so if there is a problem, we must be informed immediately. If your plants arrive in poor condition (or worse), let us know asap! Hidden problems witht he plants, such as heat damage, will typically show up within a couple weeks after planting. We cover that in our policies, but what happens when it snows or freezes a couple weeks later? Or what about the plantings drying up in the middle of summer, or not surviving the following winter? How about deer problems, or the plants getting run over by the lawn mower? We do not cover those problems with our stated limited policies, but we do with Plant-Insurance. Think about it...

The intent of this Plant-Insurance program is to give the customer better assurance their plants will make it through the first year of planting! The policy is to be purchased at the time your plant order is made, and will take effect once the regular 21-Day initial replacement period has ended. Select the policy right for you, up to $500 of plant order value. Having a Plant-Insurance policy is not a 100% guarantee, but it is as close as they come.

Now what you get when you buy insurance is a Plant-Insurance Policy page that has your order information, contact information, your Order Confirmation Number as we issued with your order (on the invoice/letter, and/or order confirmation email), and the Coverage Plan Terms and Conditions.

Select Your Plant-Insurance Coverage -

Basic Coverage
Extended Coverage
Premium Coverage
Gold Coverage
Renew Your Coverage for 1-Year

Important Note - For Ebay,, special offerings or promotions, and other non-direct orders, we can not issue a Plant-Insurance policy.

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