Plant-Insurance Claim Form

Plant-Insurance Claim Form

This is a manual mail-inform. Just fill it out, Print it, then mail it to us. Either way you choose...

Use this form just for a Plant-Insurance Replacement Claim. If you want other items or information, click on the Catalog or other links. Best to print it out to mail in.

What is the Plant-Insurance Replacement Claim Form?

The intent of this Plant-Insurance program is to give the customer better assurance their plants will make it through the first year of planting! The policy is to be purchased at the time your plant order is made, and will take effect following the regular 21-Day initial replacement period has ended. Although we do the best we can to select, package, and ship your plants in a good healthy condition, problems do arise. Typically problems are related to the package handling by the carrier, and our regular replacement policies cover the shipment and the first 21-days after the plants arrive. Beyond that, the Plant-Insurance policy will likely cover the problem you have.

Now what you do is read the Plant-Insurance Policy Terms and Conditions. After reading that, then fill out this claim form and send it to us. All claims will be processed fairly and as quickly as possible. Make sure you provide us with good contact information.

Plant Insurance for your nursery trees and home garden landscaping plants Plant-Insurance Replacement Claim Form

City: State/Province: Zip:
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E-mail Address:

Enter Your Order Confirmation Number:

Enter Your Plant-Insurance Policy Number:

Enter the Package Carrier:

Did you or someone on your behalf Sign for the Package?

In the Comments Box, please explain the problem, and the plant materials you are requesting replacement.

It is important that you the owner of the Plant-Insurance policy knows and understands your rights and responsibilities. Before submitting your claim, please again read the Terms and Conditions. Like all other types of insurance, this is the legal information about the policy. Having purchased the Plant-Insurance policy, you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions.

IMPORTANT NOTE - All Plant-Insurance policies and claims are subject to the following Terms & Conditions:

Submit form online, or print and mail to:

Empire National Nursery, LLC
Plant-Insurance Claim Dept.
6778 McPherson-Clay Road
Liberty, NC 27298

IMPORTANT: Do read the Plant-Insurance Terms and Conditions before submitting this form. Only completed forms and information will be accepted. We will process your claim fairly and as quickly as we can. Thank you!

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