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We are primarily tree growers, but are continually expanding into other plants like, shrubs and berry plants!

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America's Fastest Growing Tree!

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Conifers & Christmas Trees

Colorado Blue Spruce

Quaking Aspens

The Beauty of Birch

The Color of Maples

Fencelines? Plant Lombardy Poplars

Beautiful Dogwood trees and shrubs

Attract Hummingbirds to your Garden

Coast Redwood, Giant Sequoia, and the Dawn Redwood

The Flowering Cherry Trees

Flowering Bradford Pear

The Buckeyes!

The Colorful Ash Trees

Fast Growing Paulownia Trees

Plant the Oaks

The Beauty of Sourwood

The Edible Paw Paw!

The Gardenias!

Plant the Magnolias!

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Period-Correct reproductions of the dresses and costumes they would have worn in the mid-1800's! Hand-made by an artist and seamstress in Virginia, a member of the UDC (United Daughters of the Confederacy), and perfect for those re-enactments!
"Rhet, Rhet... come back to me..."

Songs of the Confederacy - Play a piece of history! Beautiful favorites from a golden timeSongs of the South... Beautiful piano favorites from a golden time. Get yours!

Trees of the Confederacy - Plant a piece of history! Tree seedlings for home and garden landscaping from Empire National Nursery, LLC.Order before the War ends!

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Calling Levi uplifting musicAwesome vocal group, with uplifting and encouraging music. These are folks worth listening to! Click Here for Calling Levi!

fast growing trees from Empire National Nursery Support Our Troops!

Do a Search for: 'support our troops' or others phrases. Get connected to good organizations that can show you how to help Our service men and women!

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fast growing trees from Empire National Nursery Fast Growing Trees for Privacy

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We are sponsoring a local family. For your generosity, we will give you a Gift!

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We are more than a fast growing tree nursery, we offer gift ideas for Christmas, Birthdays, holidays, and any-time. Our non-nursery items include: Gemstones, Jewelry, Coins and Money, Baseball Cards, and more.

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