What Other People Say

What Other People Say

What Do People Say About the Ameri-Willow?

These are real comments from real people who have purchased our trees. Judge for yourselves that Ameri-Willows are Americas fastest growing trees! Sales-hype aside... many people have had very favorable results with the trees. Because every planting situation is a little bit different, your results may vary. If you have poor dry heavy clay soils, these trees won't grow as well as with good growing conditions... just common sense. There is no way we can guarantee what will happen, but we will get them to you in good shape... the rest is up to you and Nautre. read these...

"Our Ameri-Willows have grown over eight feet since we planted them less than one year ago. I'm trully amazed!" - B. Brainerd, Mobile, Ala.

"God Bless You! These trees are a blessing!" - D. Phillips, Boise, Ida.

"I was skeptical, we had to get replacements, and only had email contact. But the trees grew very well, and grew five to six feet tall by fall. We're satisfied!" - B. Giroir, Omaha, Neb.

"Many thanks! Got these off of your Ebay ad. Left favorable feedback. Not bad, I'll be back..." - Aaron, NC

"I planted these little "sticks" two years ago not believing the sales hype, but I will tell what, they are taller than my house, and they haven't quit yet!" - A. Kray, Chicago, Ill.

"What a great wildlife area we have now. We planted many our your trees all through our natural area, and the life is abundant, and those trees are huge. The birds and animals thank you." - D. Larkin, McAlister, Okl.

"I was skeptical at first when they were delivered. The package was bent and the corners torn, and I was weary what was going to happen next. I am happy to tell you, that just over one year later, they lived, and now are almost ten feet tall! I'm not worried any more." - J. J. Leier, Minot, N.Dak.

"This tree is crap! They looked like sticks when they arrived, and they are still that way!" - B.C., OH
(the problem was with the shipping, the trees were then replaced for free)

"Very Interesting! They grew about a foot the first few weeks, then about six to ten plus feet by the end of summer. Fertilizing and extra watering seemed to help. Keep up the good work!" - Ben, PA

"Hey, whats with these trees? They arrived as brown sticks. Hope they can be replaced!" - C. Giroir, IL

"Wow! What a tree! The first year they averaged six feet of growth, but last year they added over ten more feet! If I had more room to plant, I would gladly buy more!" - M. Lesperance, Dallas, Tex.

"I think I over fertilized the trees, some of them died, but the rest have done really well. It's only been six months, and they have grown about three and a half feet. Next time, I'll be more careful with the fertilizer." - M. Martin, Roseburg, Ore.

"I found your homepage by mistake, and after going through all of the buttons and visiting your other homepages, I decided to try a few trees. So far I'm really pleased with them. I also appreciate you people taking time to answer all of my e-mail questions. I'm not much of a plant person, but you have a nice product." - A. Schock, Ukiah, Cal.

"What an excellent tree you sell! The first year they grew about eight feet, and twelve the second year. In only two and a half years, they are almost thirty feet tall. We wanted a line of trees along our fence, now we have a huge wall of green! Thank you!" - A. Williams, Memphis, Ten.

These are real comments from our customers. They are trully a remarkable tree, place your order today.

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