FAQ's and Other Information

FAQ's and Other Information

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

We have listened from our customers, and added this section that should answer many of the questions you may have about our trees and plants.

Q. Ordering... This is confusing. How do you order something?

Yes, a fair question! We dropped our credit pocessing service, and changed the way ordering is done. It is a little quirky for now, so please bear with us! We do accept credit cards, but use your credit card on PayPal. We dont accept them directly, but there are plenty of PayPal payment buttons and links to finalize your order. A PayPal is not needed to order, they are just the credit processor. Use any credit card with them.

Using PayPal is a good reliable way to pay safely online. Just go to PayPal.com, log in, then use the Send-to payment button to place your (secure) order. Using the payment buttons, you don't even need a PayPal account. Just follow the instructions on the screen to complete an order.

Sending a check or money order in with your mailed-in order works nicely as well.

Q. What's with the Oversized shipping charges?

A. It the trees with the item codes that end in (-05) which makes the boxes too long or large for regular shipping. These are considered "oversized" and the carriers (all of them) add a huge fee for them. The oversized trees are noted as "Talls5-6", with the item code ending (-05). Not our doing, just part of the cost for shipping the larger trees.

Q. What's with the email address?

A. Spam... we won't send you junk mail, we get plenty of that ourselves. So in order to minimize Spammers from using our email address, we require that you correct the email address. Our email address is (nursery@cdr3[dot]com). Note - replace "[dot]" with a period.

Q. Why did this page change?

A. All of our webpages are periodically updated, and change is the way of things. For this webpage that we call the "regular order form", change was long overdue. There is tons of information to put on the pages, so we have tried to simply it.

Q. Delivery time?

A. Delivery times will depend on payment method, when we receive the order, shipping method, your plant zone, and seasonal influences. It is fastest using a credit card and selecting Fed-Ex. During the spring, we do get swamped with mail and orders, so delays will happen. Our communication also gets delayed, but be assured we are trying our best to get the orders sent as quickly as possible.

Q. What is your address and phone number?

A. Sorry to say, we no longer offer regular customer phone support. We did before, and we may again in the future, but for now we don't offer it. Almost all questions and concerns are typically answered on-line via email. Having a written answer is preferred over a verbal one anyways. Spring is very busy, and the email communications become very slow as we spend more time trying to get the orders sent out. We do check the mail, but not always able to get a message sent right away.

Q. Where can I pay with a credit card?

A. The best way to submit credit card information is to use PayPal following the simple directions given. All of the webpages have a shopping cart set up. Use the automated buy-now payment buttons will instruct you how to use your credit card. We use PayPal as our credit card processor.

Q. What can I expect my trees to look like?

A. The best description is a "stick". The average tree may be 16 to 28 inches long, varies of course, with a main stem and possibly small side branches or/and multiple stems. We'll also include general planting instructions.

You can expect the plants to be well handled and packaged with just enough moist media to suffice until they are in your hands. Even if the media appears dry, this is probably fine, so don't panic. The media serves to hold extra moisture as well as being an absorbent of excess moisture, and the roots hold a certain amount of moisture as well.

The tree will be a bare dormant plant, or if growing, half or more of the leaves will be carefully removed. The technique for preparing leafed plants we call "Trimmed for Transport". This procedure greatly reduces the moisture stress, and improves success once you get it. Being in a greenhouse-like environment for several days during transit, incites new leaf formation from the buds along the stem. It can take several weeks for them to leaf out again, so keep them moist, and have patience. If you have any concerns or questions about your order, let us know ASAP!

Each tree is different, but we have a good staff that knows what they're doing. The intent is to get a "live" plant into your hands, and we have had excellent success doing this.

Q. Why can't I find the prices?

A. All prices are displayed the Catalog webpage, the Ordering webpage, and on every page that items are offered for purchase. Take the link that says "Prices, and Ordering". That will get you there.

Q. Why did the Price List change?

A. We try to keep the price list changed and updated constantly. As items sell-out, and as the season changes, items are either available or not depending on shippability. Other items may actually be sold out. If an item is available, it can be shipped with excellent results. For sold out items, you may want to book your order early for the next season. You can always ask us what is available and/or when will a particular item become available again.

Q. Is shipping free?

A. Sorry to say, No. All orders, large and small will incur shipping costs, unless its part of a special offering. Please note - We generally ship Fed-ex Ground, and Priority Mail for post office boxes and rural route addresses. We can ship via Fed-Ex Air, and charges will be estimated and/or quoted, and added to the total order price. The cost will vary depending on the package weight, dimensions, and your delivery location, so it will vary.

Q. What is the Ameri-Willow?

A. The Ameri-Willow is a hybrid willow tree. There are many species of willows and hybrids on the market, most are shrubs or small trees, but the Ameri-Willow is a large fast-growing American hybrid.

Q. How fast will the Ameri-Willow grow?

A. The first year they can grow up to eight feet, or more, depending on the conditions. The next several years, they can grow up to fifteen feet a year, or more. After about the fifth year, the growth rate slows down as the tree spreads outwards instead of upwards.

Q. Do we guarantee our trees and plants?

A. Not really. We are confident in our quality and procedures, so we don't offer a blanket "guarantee" per se. Should you have a problem with your plants, then let us know right away. For instance, if you plant them after they arrive and give them reasonable care, and they never leaf or just turn brown and die, then we can replace them. Once plants leave the nursery, its hard to guarantee they will be taken care of, but we can pretty much tell if the problem had something to do with us or the package carrier. Most problems are related to the package in-transit. Mistakes and problems do happen, and we'll do as much as possible to make your purchase a happy one. Go to the Policies webpage to learn more (http://www.cdr3.com/shipping) Our Policies.

Q. Does the Ameri-Willows send out root suckers?

A. No. Ameri-Willows will not spread outside of its normal root zone.

Q. What pests or diseases effect fast-growing trees?

A. Generally, a healthy tree will keep pests or pathogens away. Pests vary nationwide, so its difficult to guess what will effect where, but aphids, catapillars, some beetles may among those that attack some tree species. Should a tree get damaged, it could become weakened, making it more susceptible to insects or pathogens. Checking your trees throughout the season will prevent any insect problems from getting out of control. Your local garden center can help you should a pest arise.

Also important is keeping the trees well watered. As the trees get larger, their water demand will increase. In the drier climates, this can become critical, because water-stress can occur, and that weakens the tree. Weaker trees may attract certain insects. This is true with all trees.

Q. How much fertilizer should I use?

A. Answering "how much" exactly is difficult. Go sparingly, a small handful (of just about any type of fertilizer) sprinkled around the tree, and watered, should be fine. Over time, you will learn how much is enough, it takes a little practice. Fertilize in late winter or early spring just before the trees leaf out, and a couple times during the season if you can. Fertilizing is like giving your plants vitamins, maybe not necessary, but it can be very helpful.

Q. How close do you plant my trees?

A. They can be as close as five to six feet apart, for fencelines or screens, or in wet areas. Spacing can otherwise vary from 3 to 15 feet apart. The are many variables involved for spacing trees, mostly having to do with what you want your property to look like and how you plan to use your trees.

Q. Will deer and other animals eat the leaves?

A. It is possible. Poplar and willow leaves, in particular, are fairly "tasty", so when possible, fencing or other controls may be needed. Conifer shoots do get nibbled, but animals mostly leave them alone.

Q. I want to plant windbreaks, but we live in a very windy area, and I'm afraid of breaking branches. What do you suggest?

A. Although any trees can be planted as a windbreak, including our Ameri-Willows, wind or winter damage is possible. Healthy trees will withstand damage better, but still, damage is a fact of nature. A properly designed windbreak will have several "layers" or rows, ideally each one of different species. There are some notes on the Nursery webpage about planting strategies.

Q. How long have we grown trees?

A. We started our first tree crop in 1973, and we haven't stopped yet.

Q. What other trees do you have?

A. We grow a couple hundred tree and plant species, and we are adding trees all of the time. We experiment with a lot, some make it onto our order forms, others dont. Do keep in mind, that if there is a species you are looking for, drop us a note, and we can try to find it for you.

Q. How may we contact you?

A. The easiest abd best way to contact us is through E-mail. We are also glad to hear from our friends and customers by regular mail. We also include links to our other webpages, so your messages will reach us. Any time you have a question or comment, feel free to drop us a note.

We post our street address all around our webpages for your convenience. At this time, we do not regularly to give out our phone number for several reasons. Most questions should be answered on the web pages, but during the spring (especially), phone calls greatly slow down the order processing, causing added delays. We also prefer to have everything we say in writing. Having a written response is better than trying to remember "who said what, and when..." When asked, yes, we will offer a phone number.

Q. How fast do Christmas trees grow? How about other trees?

A. There are several factors that influence tree growth, as well as the genetic qualities of each species. Christmas tree growth, or any tree, is always a tough answer. Slow-growing trees such as true firs or spruce, may grow a foot a year, as a general rule of thumb. Therefore, a six foot Christmas tree would take about six years after it gets planted. That can vary considerably, it is only a "ballpark" rule. On the other extreme are the Ameri-Willows, that will grow 3, 8, or maybe up to 15 feet a year. There again, grow rates will vary.

Q. How will my order be shipped?

A. We will ship your order the most efficient means practical. We use Priority Mail primarily, but we may ship Fed-Ex Ground or use an overnight service also.

Q. How about Payment?

A. You can pay by check, money order, cashiers check, or credit card. USA funds only, please. We accept Visa and MasterCard. We also use PayPal (send to: nursery@cdr3.com), Amazon.com payment, and GooglePay. When you place your order, specify the type of payment. Your order will be confirmed by e-mail or regular mail. Payment must be made prior to shipment. Sorry, no C.O.D.'s.

Q. Do I need to use the electronic Order Form?

A. No. You may download or print the order forms or our catalog. You can print it, and send it via regular mail with your payment. You can also take notes from the website and send us a letter stating how many of what you want. Whichever way it works best for you, we try to be flexible.

Q. Is my credit card and other information secure?

A. Yes! First, we do have Secure Order Form using the PayPal shopping cart, so your information remains safe. Then, all information we receive remains perfectly secure and only selected office personnel ever handle it. And certainly, we keep ALL information strictly private. Go see our Privacy Statement (on our policies webpage) to learn more.

What Do People Say About the Ameri-Willow?

These are real comments from real people who have purchased our trees. Judge for yourselves that Ameri-Willows are Americas fastest growing trees!

"Our Ameri-Willows have grown over eight feet since we planted them less than one year ago. I'm truly amazed!" - B. Brainerd, Mobile, Ala.

"God Bless You! These trees are a blessing!" - D. Phillips, Boise, Ida.

"I planted these little "sticks" two years ago not believing the sales hype, but I will tell what, they are taller than my house, and they haven't quit yet!" - A. Kray, Chicago, Ill.

"What a great wildlife area we have now. We planted many our your trees all through our natural area, and the life is abundant, and those trees are huge. The birds and animals thank you." - D. Larkin, McAlister, Okl.

"I was skeptical at first when they were delivered. The package was bent and the corners torn, and I was weary what was going to happen next. I am happy to tell you, that just over one year later, they lived, and now are almost ten feet tall! I'm not worried any more." - J. J. Leier, Minot, N.Dak.

"Wow! What a tree! The first year they averaged six feet of growth, but last year they added over ten more feet! If I had more room to plant, I would gladly buy more!" - M. Lesperance, Dallas, Tex.

"I think I over fertilized the trees, some of them died, but the rest have done really well. It's only been six months, and they have grown about three and a half feet. Next time, I'll be more careful with the fertilizer." - M. Martin, Roseburg, Ore.

"I found your homepage by mistake, and after going through all of the buttons and visiting your other homepages, I decided to try a few trees. So far I'm really pleased with them. I also appreciate you people taking time to answer all of my e-mail questions. I'm not much of a plant person, but you have a nice product." - A. Schock, Ukiah, Cal.

"What an excellent tree you sell! The first year they grew about eight feet, and twelve the second year. In only two and a half years, they are almost thirty feet tall. We wanted a line of trees along our fence, now we have a huge wall of green! Thank you!" - A. Williams, Memphis, Ten.

These are real comments from our customers. They are trully a remarkable tree, place your order today.

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